Sunday, July 31, 2011

OFFICIAL meet schedule

Aug 31 Clare
Sept 10 Charlevoix MUD run
Sept 20 conference meet #1 -- CADILLAC
Sept 24 Delta - 2 mile
Oct 4 Conf meet #2 -- PETOSKEY
Oct 8th PORTAGE - the largest XC meet in the midwest
Oct 18th BNC finals @ home
Oct 22 Elk Rapids
Oct 25th Home invite
Oct 29th Regionals at Benzie
Nov 5th State finals

Saturday, July 23, 2011

team camp information


Where: Munising Michigan, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Campground – Munising Tourist Park Campground (906) 387-3145
Coach’s Cell Phone – (989) 370-0924 --- home phone 989-939-8684

Cost: I will collect $100 from each participant at our PARENT MEETING on Monday Aug 9 – 6pm at GHS !! If you prefer to wait and pay the $100 on the day we leave (Aug 15th) that is fine too. – PLEASE NO CHECKS – CASH ONLY – IF YOU MUST DO A CHECK MAKE IT OUT TO ME, JEFF KALEMBER, SO WE CAN CASH IT BEFORE WE LEAVE. This cost covers camping fees, a camp T-shirt, ferry to the Island, gas, food, snacks, etc. The money you pay will also cover lunch and dinner each day – you will provide your own breakfast (cereal is what most people do) and you will also pay for your own DINNER Wednesday and lunch Thursday (lunch on Mackinac Island). If the $100 fee is too much for you, please talk to me privately -- this fee should not prevent anyone from attending camp. In addition to the registration cost, you should have some spending money for snacks, souvenirs, etc. (Just so you know where your $100 goes here is a list of expenses per athlete – Tshirt $10, gas $15, ferry to Mac. Island $15, camping fees $10 – food $40) Any leftover money will be used for POST RACE MEALS – we will order pizzas, buy Gatorade, drinks for meets, etc !! Usually we have NO money left over and have to use a portion of our fund-raising money to cover costs for camp. It’s not cheap to feed and transport 35+ kids around for 4 days!!

Parent volunteers:

In addition to me, we have the Kassubas, Fischers, Warrens, Wendy Howard, Diane Duff, and Dreyers as parent chaperones. Parent volunteers responsibilities include shuttling camp participants to trails, grocery shopping, helping to organize meals, and enjoying the beauty of Michigan’s great Upper Peninsula. Your help is really appreciated; this wouldn’t be possible without you! There is NO charge for parents who attend and we’ll feed you and pay your gas money! It’s like a mini vacation for you ! If you are a parent and cannot go this year – think about next year!! We can always use extra help.

Don’t forget !!
• Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday breakfast – EVERYONE MUST BRING THEIR OWN BREAKFAST FOR 3 MORNINGS! Last year most people just brought along a box of their favorite cereal. (WE WILL PROVIDE THE MILK) Breakfast will also include fruits, juice, bagels, etc provided by your camp fees.
• WEDNESDAY dinner & THURSDAY lunch – you need to have your own $$
• No headphones, iPods allowed out during the DAY, but it is fine to listen to music in your tent when you are going to bed (after 10pm). THIS YEAR I AM ALSO BANNING CELL PHONES FROM 6PM TO 11PM. DURING THIS TIME WE WILL EAT DINNER, HAVE OUR MEETINGS AND SIT AROUND THE CAMPFIRE. THIS IS THE TIME WHERE YOU BOND WITH YOUR TEAM. Your goal is not to stay in touch with your friends back home!! Your goal IS to hang out with your XC friends.
• All school rules apply.
• Camp is a POSITIVE experience. We do not run FAST, but we do go a long ways. Get yourself in shape and be prepared to run. More importantly, be prepared to “bond” with your team. A team that plays together is a team that runs harder for their teammates. NO whining allowed.

Our tentative schedule
Monday August 15 - 9:00 am: Meet at GHS, front parking lot
9:05 am: Drive to Munising !
*******Have a BAG lunch/snacks for the ride up – light with plenty of liquids.
1:00 pm: Set up camp, tents, get organized, quick dive in Lake Superior to cool off.
1-2pm Subway Lunch for snacking on …
2:00pm : TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competitions # 1 – “M&M’s and Air”
3pm Head out to Munising Falls for RUN #1 – run from 330pm to 5 pm
530pm: Run done, back to campground.
6pm Clean up, shower
6-7:00 pm: Pizza for dinner
8pm – TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competition #2 – “FIRE!”
9pm boys meeting, followed by girls meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 16 – 8:00 am: Up at and at’em – light breakfast, liquids
9:00 am: off to our run
10am – Arrive Chapel Area – start 10 mile loop run (6 mile if you’re new to team)
(this is a BEAUTIFUL, great run, bring a water bottle – this is REQUIRED, camera?)
2pm – run done, back to campground
230pm - late lunch, sandwiches, chips
3-5pm Beach time at Autrain – a river and world’s best beach, volleyball !
5:00 pm: Dinner – hot dogs and hamburgers on the fire !
6pm TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competition #3 – “Scavenger Hunt”
830pm TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competition #4 – “ELEPHANT” 9:00 pm: Boys team meeting, followed by girls meeting

Wednesday, Aug. 17 9:00 am: light breakfast, lots of liquids
10:00 am: Potato Patch to Mosquito Run – don’t get LOST ~~~ !!!
12:30 pm: Lunch, back at CHAPEL BEACH
2:00 pm: Beach Football game, Frisbee, swim out to point, rock climbing, fun
5:00: Dinner ON YOUR OWN IN TOWN – HAVE YOUR OWN $$$$$$$
715 – Survivor #5 – Do you know ur XC trivia?
9:30 Girls meeting followed by boys meeting.

Thursday, Aug 18 7:30 am: up, pack up camp,
8:30am hit the road for Mackinac Island
11:00 am: In Mackinac City and to Island
11:30 – HIT THE FERRY!!!
12 noon: Run around Mackinac Island, or HIT THE TRAILS
2:00 pm – Lunch, and free time until we leave the Island at 5PM
5:00 pm – Ferry off Island
6:30- 645 pm – Arrive GHS parking lots for parent pickup

FRIDAY Aug 19 NO official practice – you SHOULD run on your own
M, W, Th, Fri Aug 22, 24. 25, 26 Practice at 9am at ASPEN PARK !!
Monday – Friday Aug 29-Sept 1 Practice 3pm at GHS
Wed Aug 31 - meet at CLARE – bus departure time approximately 1pm? No practice Fri Sept 2.

THE LIST Here is a fairly complete list of what to take on the trip for CC team camp.
1. RUNNING SHOES – two pair if you have them – one pair might get wet, I’ve seen it happen.
2. running shorts – again, two pair is best
3. T-shirts for running
4. Socks x 4-5 pair
5. Windbreaker in case its cool
7. Pants – one pair should be fine for cool evenings
8. SWEATSHIRT – it gets COLD at night (light fleece coat works well too)
9. HAT – yes, I said hat as in WINTER hat, remember we are in da UP
10. sandals for after running
11. Long sleeve T-shirt
12. BUG REPELLENT – can you say DEET
13. Towel (maybe 2)
15. hiking type shoes and sandals
16. football (nerf ?), Frisbee, cards, ball, hula hoop, jarts, board games,
17. Towel or two
18. sleeping bag
19. Pillow
21. Tent – lets try to get our groups together ASAP so you know who you will be with
22. Rain gear – a poncho is probably fine
23. Toilet articles – toothbrush, shampoo, etc
24. Extra set of clothes in case you get wet
25. Sun block
26. BOWL, PLATE, FORK, SPOON, CUP – you will be responsible for these items after every meal – clean up after yourself so parents don’t have to !! If you don’t bring them you don’t eat!
27. Please do not bring more than is necessary – space will be limited and tight.
28. Daypack for going to the beach.
29. Box of cereal or whatever else you like for breakfast.

30. THE FORM ON THE NEXT PAGE !!– your parent must sign it at the bottom as their understanding that you know about the camp rules. NO FORM – NO GO ! Give it to ME when we leave on August 11TH.

32. Your physical – you must have a physical to go to team camp. TURN IN TO ME OR TO GHS OFFICE SECRETARY

33. Remember – someone in your group needs a tent ! You will either have one group tent OR several tents. Make sure someone takes care of this !

34. A positive TEAM attitude. We’re not going to camp to hang out with your friends. We’re going to camp to meet new people, share a cool experience and bond with the people that will be your family for the next 2.5 months.

35. your MILES turned in!! and your 5k under the time limit!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


hey you people planning on going to team camp ...

1. You MUST have a physical on file. Only physicals given AFTER May 1st will work.
2. $100 at the PARENT meeting. I am going to plan on this meeting being at 6pm at GHS on August 8th -- MONDAY.
3. Have your summer miles LOGGED/WRITTEN down on a calendar or piece of paper or whatever.
4. NEW runners who want to go to camp must run a 5k in under 30 minutes (girls) and under 27 minutes (boys). Your last chances to do this before camp, if you didnt do it in the Alpenfest run will be Monday August 8th AFTER our team camp parent meeting or Saturday August 13th.

any questions email coach! or send me a facebook message!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girls Team Preview

The GHS girls XC team returns several varsity runners from last season's team.

Megan Borgeson - Megan is now a senior and team captain for our team, as a returning all-regional and all-conference runner Megan was our #1 runner a few times last season and we look for her to be in or near that spot again this year. Megan also has the 6th fastest ever mile for GHS in track and is a very consisten runner with a 5k best of 19:58. Megan's best quality is the hard work ethic she brings to her summer workouts and mileage.

Geena Duff - now a Junior, Geena has been a staple of our GHS varsity xc team for the last two years, consistenly running on the varsity team in all but two races over her 26 race career. Geena's 20:27 time at the MHSAA state finals landed her as our 3rd best runner last season and she was consistenly around that time in our other big races. In 2010 she was about 40 seconds from being "all-regional" with a fine 29th place at the Benzie course. Geena's best quality is her desire - she gives her all to be at her best in big races.

Katelynn Dreyer - also a Junior, Katelynn has been in the same position as Geena - a varsity runner for the last two years. As a freshman Katelynn just missed all regional honors in XC but her track seasons have been filled with honors - both all-conference, all-regional and a school record in the 4x400m relay. Katelynn's speed is probably her best quality, but her endurance in XC is also very helpful to her team.

Paige Hypio - as a junior last year Paige came through with three huge races to give our team a big help at the end of our season. All year long (and throughout her xc career) Paige has been our #8-9-10th runner. But, last year she turned it on in the big meets and became our #4 runner at regionals, only 30 seconds from being "all-regional." Her 20:32 at regional for 5k was just what our team needed to qualify for our 12th straight MHSAA state finals. We are counting on Paige for a great senior season this year.

Maria Warren - Maria, now a Junior, has steadily improved from her freshman year getting faster and faster and faster, finally becoming a varsity runner in all the big races since the end of her freshman year. Maria is a true testament to how good a runner can become if they work hard enough. In the 8th grade Maria was near the back of the pack in the winter running club group - You'd never know it now as she can bust out a 21 minute 5k in almost any races she competes in.

Noelle Warren - also a Junior, Noelle was on and off the varsity a number of times last season but she did earn her varsity letter with several notable varsity races. Her 21:46 at the BNC finals last year put only about a minute behind our #1 runner and this sort of time on our tough course was definetly her best performance of the season. Noelle, like Maria, always pushes herself to be her best and always logs big summer miles to get ready for the XC season.

Monday, July 18, 2011

meet the team - BOYS

Here is a list of our returning varsity boys team and a quick run down on what they've accomplished.

Charlend Howard - Charlend was our #1 man in many of our varsity races last year, he is now a Junior, has earned All-conference honors in both his freshman and sophomore seasons, and last year was all-REGIONAL in XC at the Benzie course. Charlend logs hundreds and hudreds of miles each season and his best quality is his desire to be the best he can be in xc.

Nate Fischer - also a Junior, nate was the regional champion in the 800m in track (1:58.0) and also our top runner at the MHSAA 16-2 regional last year with a team best time of 16:27. Nate placed 7th, just 1 second behind conference champion Ryan Hearth. Nate was also all conference both his freshman and sophomore seasons. Nates best quality is a combination of both pure talent and hard work.

Jake Pasternak - our senior returning varsity runner has developed from a JV runner as a freshman to our #1 man in his first meet last season. Jake earned all-conference and all-regional honors in track this spring but did not earn them in XC after a knee injury slowed his season progress last season. Jake is a runner who logs many training miles all summer. His best quality is his positive outlook, even when puking on the bus prior to big meets.

Ian Callison - Ian has worked and worked and worked to be the best he can be and has found that XC is his sport. During the track season, Ian found that he just doesnt have the leg speed to compete at the level he'd like to compete at. But, give him 3.1 miles of hills, mud, wind, and he will excel. Ian was very close to being all-regional last season (missed by 34 seconds) and only a few places from being all-conference. Ian's best quality is his hard work ethic.

Sean Hope - Sean is our team captain and returns for his Senior season with an important position - the 5th man. Since team scoring in XC only scores 5 runners, this position is the most important on the team. Sean has been very close to cracking the 17 minute barrier with a solid 17:32 at regionals last year and a 17:15-ish at the elk rapids invite last fall. Sean's best quality is his sense of humor - he keeps things light and loose on the team and his ability to balance a bamboo pole on his hand for long periods of time.

Chris Ryan - as a sophomore last year Chris earned his varsity letter when he replaced a sick Jake Pasternak at the regional meet. during the season chris regularly was our 8-9th man and had times in the mid 18's for 5k. Chris has worked tirelessly to improve and we look for him to end this season in the 17's. Chris' best quality is his hard work ethic.

Next week - Girls "meet the team"!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alpenfest Run

Hey, this saturday is the ALPENFEST RUN. There are two options. the 5k and the 10k.

I am not 100% sure, but the 5k will probably be the same route as our TGIS 5k and the 10k goes through aspen park, probably on the paved trails.

here is a link to register

They suggest you register ONLINE early to get a shirt, but you can register the morning of the race too.

Remember, those of you going to camp must run a 5k run under 27 minutes for boys, under 30 minutes for girls - the Alpenfest is an opportunity to do that. Anyone who completed a race faster than these times LAST YEAR has already completed this portion of the requirement for camp so you are all set. this is for new runners and those who have never completed a 5k run in these times. If you are NOT running the Alpenfest run we will have two opportunities in August to complete your 5k run in the time necessary for team camp... no worries.

KIDS RUN (800m) at 8:45am under the pavilion start.
10k 9am - starts under pavilion.
5k 9:10am - starts under the pavilion.

If you work real hard and run real fast you might even beat these two speedsters pictured here.