Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alpenfest Run

Hey, this saturday is the ALPENFEST RUN. There are two options. the 5k and the 10k.

I am not 100% sure, but the 5k will probably be the same route as our TGIS 5k and the 10k goes through aspen park, probably on the paved trails.

here is a link to register

They suggest you register ONLINE early to get a shirt, but you can register the morning of the race too.

Remember, those of you going to camp must run a 5k run under 27 minutes for boys, under 30 minutes for girls - the Alpenfest is an opportunity to do that. Anyone who completed a race faster than these times LAST YEAR has already completed this portion of the requirement for camp so you are all set. this is for new runners and those who have never completed a 5k run in these times. If you are NOT running the Alpenfest run we will have two opportunities in August to complete your 5k run in the time necessary for team camp... no worries.

KIDS RUN (800m) at 8:45am under the pavilion start.
10k 9am - starts under pavilion.
5k 9:10am - starts under the pavilion.

If you work real hard and run real fast you might even beat these two speedsters pictured here.

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