Monday, July 18, 2011

meet the team - BOYS

Here is a list of our returning varsity boys team and a quick run down on what they've accomplished.

Charlend Howard - Charlend was our #1 man in many of our varsity races last year, he is now a Junior, has earned All-conference honors in both his freshman and sophomore seasons, and last year was all-REGIONAL in XC at the Benzie course. Charlend logs hundreds and hudreds of miles each season and his best quality is his desire to be the best he can be in xc.

Nate Fischer - also a Junior, nate was the regional champion in the 800m in track (1:58.0) and also our top runner at the MHSAA 16-2 regional last year with a team best time of 16:27. Nate placed 7th, just 1 second behind conference champion Ryan Hearth. Nate was also all conference both his freshman and sophomore seasons. Nates best quality is a combination of both pure talent and hard work.

Jake Pasternak - our senior returning varsity runner has developed from a JV runner as a freshman to our #1 man in his first meet last season. Jake earned all-conference and all-regional honors in track this spring but did not earn them in XC after a knee injury slowed his season progress last season. Jake is a runner who logs many training miles all summer. His best quality is his positive outlook, even when puking on the bus prior to big meets.

Ian Callison - Ian has worked and worked and worked to be the best he can be and has found that XC is his sport. During the track season, Ian found that he just doesnt have the leg speed to compete at the level he'd like to compete at. But, give him 3.1 miles of hills, mud, wind, and he will excel. Ian was very close to being all-regional last season (missed by 34 seconds) and only a few places from being all-conference. Ian's best quality is his hard work ethic.

Sean Hope - Sean is our team captain and returns for his Senior season with an important position - the 5th man. Since team scoring in XC only scores 5 runners, this position is the most important on the team. Sean has been very close to cracking the 17 minute barrier with a solid 17:32 at regionals last year and a 17:15-ish at the elk rapids invite last fall. Sean's best quality is his sense of humor - he keeps things light and loose on the team and his ability to balance a bamboo pole on his hand for long periods of time.

Chris Ryan - as a sophomore last year Chris earned his varsity letter when he replaced a sick Jake Pasternak at the regional meet. during the season chris regularly was our 8-9th man and had times in the mid 18's for 5k. Chris has worked tirelessly to improve and we look for him to end this season in the 17's. Chris' best quality is his hard work ethic.

Next week - Girls "meet the team"!!

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