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STATE FINALS WEEK 2011 >>>-----CC à

Monday – 2 mile warm, cals, high knees, 20-30 minutes easy, maybe inside if it’s too nasty out.
Tuesday – 2 mile warmup, 1xmile HARD, 4x400m HARD, 4x200m HARD, easy 1 mile cool.
Wednesday – 2 mile warm easy 20 minutes, 4x100yard stride-outs.
Thursday – 2 mile warm, 8x400m, starting at race pace, then each one 1 second faster.
Friday – Depart GHS at noon – Run in Lansing
Sunday – eat lots of junk food and look at your times at

Nate and Charmander – you two are peaking perfectly and had amazingly fast times at Benzie. Your low 16’s put you both in contention for the possibility of being ALL-STATE. What will it take to be all-state? First, just like Benzie you will need a good solid start – out hard for the first 600m then relax and cruise with the fast pace. Mentally relax after 600m and go with the flow. You will come by the MILE mark in around 5:00, maybe a bit faster. At this point you need to set yourself up for a place in the top 40. If you are in 60th here at the mile its over, you’re not going to be able to pass 30 runners at the state finals. Get out hard, get out controlled and focus on RELAXING after you exit the racetrack. At the 1.5 mile mark you will be passing the huge crowds. I will be just before this point trying to give you an idea of place – again, be in the top 40 if you really want ALL-STATE. Going up the hill to the 2 mile mark you need to just maintain. Go around the two mile mark and USE THAT DOWNHILL, here is where you can pick up a couple places, you can FLY down this hill. As you re-enter the track and hit that soft squishy grass relax again and save it for the last 600-800m – watch for the signs, then gradually turn loose your sprint. This last ½ mile is where your all-state status will be determined. Last year, and nearly every year the cutoff is right around 16:10 to be top 30, all state.

Jake - You had a GREAT regional race and you are just beginning to find out how fast you really are. The state finals course is exactly like Benzie, flat and fast and I think you can improve on that 16:37. Read what I wrote for nate and charmander above – if you are feeling it and all goes well I believe you have an outside shot at all-state too. When you are peaking you can take another 15-20 seconds off your Benzie time and that puts you in contention to be top 30. You will need the same race strategy we had at Benzie, get out, relax and think of the races in three stages – start hard, relax to the mile, hold position until the two mile, then use the downhill after the two mile to pick up places. It has been a great 4 years of XC for you and Saturday at MIS will be the final day all your miles and all your efforts pay off.

Ian/Sean - You both had good PR’s at Benzie but you also both have more in you. At the state finals we need you both to go big. I want you to get our hard in that top 70-80 places and just hold on. Just like Benzie the start will be important, hard to the half mile mark, then RELAX and hold position. At the 1.5 mile mark I will be giving you an idea of place – again, the top 100 is where you need to be. Hold that spot until the two mile and then use the downhill to make your move. I truly believe that the 16’s are very do-able for both of you. You are both peaking, you both have hundreds and hundreds of miles and years of racing experience on your side. Many teams have runners who are in their first trip to MIS and the finals. Sean, this is your FOURTH time, and Ian this is your THIRD. You are experience and ready. 16:50, 16:50, 16:50, 16:50, 16:50, 16:50, 16:50, 16:50, 16:50, 16:50 keep chanting it in your head all week.

Josh/Collin - enjoy the trip and get experience for next year.


sorry banquet is so late but the auditorium is booked up the week after state finals by the people practicing for the play. BANQUET NOV 17th, 6pm - THURSDAY

regional results


gaylord here

individual results at top, team scores at bottom

Review - Boys ran amazingly fast time in a stacked regional with two top ten ranked teams and came out 3rd. Personal best times by all boys, Nate Fischer's 16:08 is the fastest time by a GHS boys in the last 6 years and Charlend Howard was right behind in 16:19. Jake Pasternak would have been "all-regional" in any other year with his huge 16:37 but the number of fast boys in this race was just too much. Ian Callison had a personal best time as #4 man and Sean Hope sealed the trip to MIS with a 5th man solid position. Charlend and Nate earn ALL REGIONAL honors for the second year in a row with their finish today.

Girls - would have qualified in nearly any other regional in Michigan. #1 ranked Cedar Springs, #2 ranked Fremonth, #11 ranked Cadillac, #22 ranked Petoskey all in front of us but the girls ran great. Six of our 7 girls had personal best times and should leave this season satisfied with their efforts.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

rotary times BOYS

cold wet windy, tough conditions to run in !!!

Sterling McPherson 1912
Chris Ryan 1934
Matt Sullivan 2045
Jacob Henley 2121
Josh Winchester 2154
Nick Hamilton 2247
Cole Bauman 2253
Trent Masar 2300
Tristan Starks 2324
JJ Wehner 2356
Zack Kammeyer

rotary invite TIMES - GIRLS

slow, wet, windy, cold conditions, but you all did a fine job representing gaylord.

Alex Simmons 11
Megan Stempky 11
Nicole Wehner 12
Cindy Fiser 11
Emily Lemon 11
Megan Carlson 12
Allison Fischer 11
Alanna Johnston 11
Grace Sanders 9
Aleisha Lasley 10
McKenna Goodale 9
Taylour Arkfeld 11
Abby Kassuba 11
Patience O’Connor
Jada Johnson 11
Nicole Wilkinson 12
Jillian Jones 11

Erin Borgeson 10

Andrea Birkhofer 11

Caila Coale 12

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Regional week workouts

Monday Oct. 24th – easy 2 mile warm, easy 3 mile run, follow the coach, he’s going to run today.

Tuesday Oct. 25 – ROTARY INVITE – nobody excused early. Top 5 JV runners from Chip Hills run in the varsity races. Girls at 400pm, Boys at 430pm. Then ALL the rest of you JV in the regular JV race at 5pm.
Varsity, come out and run at 4pm. Your workout is to cheer on the JV runners.
This means AS A VARSITY GROUP, NOT INDIVIDUALS, you will jog around
the course from 4 to 5pm. No cals, no stretching, just jog, sprint to the next spot and keep cheering.

Wednesday Oct. 26 -

1x800m at RACE PACE

Char/Nate 2:37, Jake Ian Sean 2:43, CJSCH 2:50, girls varsity 3:17

6x400m at RACE PACE

Char/Nate 79, JIS 81, CJSCH 85, girls 1:38

2x200m stride outs
1 mile cool

Thursday Oct. 27- 2 mile warm, Girls meeting while boys do a 20 min run.
Then boys meeting while girls do a 20 minute run.

Friday Oct. 28 – 2 mile warmup, strideouts, done.

Saturday Oct. 29th – Division 2 regional 10-2 Hosted by Benzie Central
Bus departs 7 a.m.

nice article in HTimes,0,4121831.story

Saturday, October 22, 2011



8:00 am School opens & packets available
8:30 am Parent & Volunteer meeting w/assignments
9:00 am Coaches meeting – Division 4 & Division 3
9:00 am Course inspection
9:30 am Coaches meeting – Division 2
9:45 am National Anthem
10:00 am Girls race begins – Division 4
10:45 am Girls race begins – Division 3
11:30 am Girls race begins – Division 2
12:15 pm Boys race begins – Division 4
1:00 pm Boys race begins – Division 3
1:45 pm Boys race begins – Division 2
2:45 pm Awards ceremony - in gymnasium

directions - take your usual route to Traverse City, then take m-37 south from TC about 3-4 miles. Turn RIGHT onto M-31 and follow it out past and through Interlochen, all the way to the town of Honor. Go through the town of Honor then about 1-2 miles out of honor turn LEFT onto North Marshall Rd (Co Rd 679). Follow this up to the top of the hill to the intersection and turn RIGHT on Homestead Rd. Benzie Central High School is down about a mile on Homestead Rd.

Rotary Invite on TUESDAY Oct. 25th.

Rotary Invite on TUESDAY Oct. 25th.

Our top 5 JV runners will be the VARSITY at Tuesday's Rotary Invite.

The rest of our JV will run in the JV race.

Varsity girls at 4pm, boys at 430pm, then ALL JV at 5pm.

All races on our HOME course at the Gaylord country club, M-32 west of town.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chip Hills

SATURDAY OCT 22 ----- > Chip Hills invite - bus leaves 630am. Girls ALL race at 10am, boys ALL at 1045. Home by 2pm. I75 to 127 to US10 to M-66 south. once you turn on M-66 south you will go about 20-25 miles. Chip Hills high school is on RIGHT. CC course on LEFT. It is about 3 miles NORTH of the little town of REMUS.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BNC BOYS times

Charlend Howard 1647
Nate Fisher 1716
Jacob Pasternak 1728
Ian Callison 1748
Sean Hope 1855
Sterling McPherson 1859
Chris Ryan 1907
Collin Monusko 1914
Josh Green 1923
Matt Sullivan 2007
Jacob Henley 2042
Josh Winchester 2108
Tristan Starks 2131
Nick Hamilton 2136
JJ Wehner 2157
Trent Masar 2216
Cole Bauman 2246
Zack Kammeyer 9999


Name BNC
Maria Warren 11 2127
Megan Borgeson 12 2130
Geena Duff 11 2159
Noelle Warren 11 2210
Paige Hypio 12 2216
Katelynn Dreyer 11 2231
Alex Simmons 11 2239
Nicole Wehner 12 2242
Ellen Seidell 10 2318
Megan Stempky 11 2337
Cindy Fiser 11 2427
Emily Lemon 11 2445
Erin Borgeson 10 2446
Alanna Johnston 11 2504
Allison Fischer 11 2509
Andrea Birkhofer 11 2529
Grace Sanders 9 2543
Abby Kassuba 11 2557
McKenna Goodale 9 2616
Aleisha Lasley 10 2633
Jada Johnson 11 2912
Jillian Jones 11 2937
Megan Carlson 12 9999
Caila Coale 12 9999
Taylour Arkfeld 11 9999
Nicole Wilkinson 12 9999

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Workouts Oct 10-16

Monday - long run
Tuesday - short and easy
Wed - AT THE COUNTRY CLUB, 2 mile warmup, cals 6x2minute FINISHES on last 1/8 mile of course.
Thursday - short and easy.
Friday - 2 mile warm, 13x400 each one faster than the last, 2 mile cool
Saturday -- easy short 25-35 minutes
Sunday -- off
Monday 2 mile warm, 3 miles easy, strides
Tuesday - Big North Conference Championships TCC, TCW, CAD, PET, OGEM, ALP, GAYLORD
Thurs - 2 mile warm, 6x400 pace, 2 mile cool
Friday - super short and easy
Saturday - Elk Rapids is CANCELLED, we're going to Chip Hills Invite - nice thing is there is only ONE varsity race for boys, one for girls so you will compete head to head for the varsity positions for regionals.

Girls Portage Summary and results

Kate - best time of the season by 40 seconds.
Geena - best time of the season by 50 seconds.
Megan - best time of the season by 10 seconds.
Maria - best time of the season by 24 seconds.
Paige - best time of the season by 10 seconds.

When your top 5 ALL runs a best time of the season its a good thing. Yes, we were only 17th, but remember, we're getting closer to our goal and faster every week. Next week at the BNC finals we will be even closer to Cadillac.

Boys Portage Results and summary

Boys here is how you stacked up against TCC and TCW at Portage. And after looking at this i think we have a shot at beating them at our home course next week at the BNC finals. Both nate and charlend have a shot at winning it outright. Jake and Ian needt o move up to break up Fleisher and Doetterrer. We ran ok at Portage, not great, not terrible. Next BNC we need great.

1 50 Jonah Laursen Traverse City West 12 16:58
2 52 Kieran Hall Traverse City West 11 17:01
3 57 Nicholas Tarsa Traverse City Central 11 17:09
4 45 Charlend Howard Gaylord 11 17:10
5 54 Nate Fischer Gaylord 11 17:19
6 77 Matt Moss Traverse City Central 12 17:25
7 86 Dylan Fleisher Traverse City Central 12 17:29
8 88 Kyle Doetterrer Traverse City Central 10 17:30
9 104 Josh Rose Traverse City Central 11 17:39
10 107 Hunter Swogger Traverse City West 12 17:41
11 (111) Cam Marshall Traverse City Central 11 17:42
12 117 Sean Hall Traverse City West 11 17:45
13 90 Ian Callison Gaylord 11 17:47
14 95 Jake Pasternak Gaylord 12 17:55
15 155 Alec Ondrajka Traverse City West 11 18:09
16 (168) Johnny Ackley Traverse City Central 11 18:19
17 (177) Alex Garvin Traverse City West 10 18:27
18 144 Sean Hope Gaylord 12 18:38
19 (145) Collin Monusko Gaylord 9 18:38
20 (181) Sterling McPherson Gaylord 10 19:05
21 (244) Matt Zenner Traverse City West 11 19:44

TCC 3-6-7-8-9 = 33
TCW 1-2-10-12-15 = 40
Gaylord 4-5-13-14-18 = 54

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Portage Info has results from past years and the time schedule and info.

For those of you who forget to get the info sheet, i forget to remind you and my stack of papers is still at the track!!! Unfortunately i don't have a copy on my hard drive here at home.

1pm Varsity Girls - then leave with mrs duff
2pm Varsity Boys then leave with mr warren
3pm JV girls then leave with mrs howard
4pm JV boys then leave with coach