Sunday, October 23, 2011

Regional week workouts

Monday Oct. 24th – easy 2 mile warm, easy 3 mile run, follow the coach, he’s going to run today.

Tuesday Oct. 25 – ROTARY INVITE – nobody excused early. Top 5 JV runners from Chip Hills run in the varsity races. Girls at 400pm, Boys at 430pm. Then ALL the rest of you JV in the regular JV race at 5pm.
Varsity, come out and run at 4pm. Your workout is to cheer on the JV runners.
This means AS A VARSITY GROUP, NOT INDIVIDUALS, you will jog around
the course from 4 to 5pm. No cals, no stretching, just jog, sprint to the next spot and keep cheering.

Wednesday Oct. 26 -

1x800m at RACE PACE

Char/Nate 2:37, Jake Ian Sean 2:43, CJSCH 2:50, girls varsity 3:17

6x400m at RACE PACE

Char/Nate 79, JIS 81, CJSCH 85, girls 1:38

2x200m stride outs
1 mile cool

Thursday Oct. 27- 2 mile warm, Girls meeting while boys do a 20 min run.
Then boys meeting while girls do a 20 minute run.

Friday Oct. 28 – 2 mile warmup, strideouts, done.

Saturday Oct. 29th – Division 2 regional 10-2 Hosted by Benzie Central
Bus departs 7 a.m.

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