Tuesday, July 10, 2012

JULY training

Hey GHSXCers, its July already and time to ramp up some training!!!!  Hopefully you have built up some distance base over the month of June and now its time to start inserting some harder workouts.

What do i mean by harder workouts?  Well, there are number of ways you can do a hard workout. 

A.  Here is one example - 1 mile warmup 2-3 miles hard 1 mile cooldown.  Pretty easy - just remember that the "hard" part of the workout should be in the 12-20 minute long range. 

B.  Another hard workout is hills.  Find a hilly route (Aspen is perfect) and simply run the uphills hard.  Go easy on the flats and downhills.

C.  Fartlek - during your run go out and just go easy for a while, 1 mile or so.  Then, just pick up the pace and run hard for 1-3 minutes, then go easy, then go hard for 2-4 minutes, then go easy, then go hard for 1-2 minutes, etc etc.  Always end with a nice easy 1 mile jog.

D.  Hills.  Find a LONG hill and run up it hard 8 times.  Be sure to do a good warmup and cooldown.

How often???  You should do a hard day of running at least once per week.  Two times per week is optimum.

Only 22 days until August and only 30 days until XC SEASON OFFICIALLY STARTS!!!!!!!!


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