Sunday, October 21, 2012

regional week 2012


MONDAY OCT 22 - easy warmup, cals, stretch. JV done, cya at meet Tuesday. Varsity - run with coach
Tues Oct 23 - ROTARY INVITE - make sure you know which race you're running in. Forecast says 57 degrees and 80% chance of thunderstorms. Varsity - be at meet at 4pm, run around cheering for your teammates for 30-45 minutes, then go home. This involve short fast sprints from one place to another while cheering.
Wed - JV NO PRACTICE - day of rest Varsity - easy mile warmup, 2 x 800m FAST, 4x400m fast. 2x200m faster. easy mile
Thursday - there will be no running. Varsity be in my room by 3pm for a practice of mental preparation. JV, you should do a 20-30 minute easy run on your own.
Friday - Varsity 20 minute run eas, stretch, done. JV - day off

Saturday - BUS DEPARTS AT 9AM, arrive Benzie 11am, 12:45 pm Boys race begins, 1:25 pm Girl's race begins, 2:00 pm Awards ceremony - D2, JV RACE 2:30pm.  Parents directions in parent packet or google Benzie Central High School or Directions – go to Traverse City then head south on US-31.  Turn right (west) at Chum’s Corners as you stay on 31 continuing west for about 15 miles.  Go THROUGH the little town of Honor, then turn left (south) on North Marshall rd (Co Rd 679.  Go up the big hill and continue until you come to Homestead Rd.  Turn right and you will be at the school in a few miles.

*****GHSXC - bring $5 for chocolate milk, cookies, pizza after the regional race AND JV remember it will be about $2-$3 for the open race.

Sunday - off

Charlend - you are peaking, you are rested, be 100% mentally in and 15's are possible
Nate - this is your course, your type of racing, flat and fast, 15's are possible
Ian - 4 years of varsity running and we need you more than ever. 17:15 or faster.
Sterling - didnt make varsity last year, varsity every race this year, huge improvment and now 17:15
Collin - you have to be all 100% mentally into keeping up with Ian and Sterling, we need u man.
Ian R - you have no idea how fast you can be, wish you'd have been here for 4 years instead of 1.
Chris R - you can run your personal best time after 6 years of serious running, today is ur day.

Katelynn - you have flirted with 19:59, and today is the day you can do it
Maria - you have been so close to Katelyn so many times this year, just do the same and 19:59 is possible
Ellen - the only reason i wrote you 3rd is cuz ur a Junior, you have been #1 several times and can do 19:59 too
Geena - you want to succeed more than anyone on this team, you have the desire, let it happen saturday, dont force it
Noelle - getting closer and closer to normal finally, you CAN hit those solid 20:00's !
Mallory - you went 29, 26, 24, 23, 22 ..... and now 20:?? is possible, it really is, what a great freshman year you've had
Grace - what a great first XC season you've had, varsity, getting faster all the time, great work!!  Stomach is under control now and you can go solid 21's!!!

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