Saturday, October 6, 2012

week of OCT 8 - 14

BIG WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday - long run, probably 8-9 miles solid effort the whole way, gradually picking up pace at end.

Tuesday - coach and a few runners go to GMS to run with them and chat.  Everyone else this workout is on your own.  Mandatory run in groups 30 minutes EASY.

Wed - you need a ride out to the Gaylord Country Club.  Be out there by 3:10.  run 2 mile warmup then 5x3 minutes HARD HARD HARD, trying to beat your last time every time.  1-2 mile cool.

Thursday - The second semi-annual DORKATHLON.  Dress up, points awarded for best "dorky" outfit.  there will be four events.  scored 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for places.  Highest two point teams win trophies and some Pokemon cards.  3 mile easy run first.

Friday 1-2 mile warmup, then 13x400m.  First 4 will be at race pace then gradually 1-2 seconds faster each one.  1-2 mile cool.  NEED ATHLETES AND PARENT VOLUNTEERS TO WORK CONCESSION STAND FRIDAY FOR FOOTBALL GAME.  WARM AND DRY IN THERE!!!

Saturday - 10am - short run at aspen 45 minutes

Sunday OFF

Monday - short with strides


During these final weeks of our season a few important things to remember.

1. BE CAREFUL WITH EXTRA STUFF – don’t twist your ankle on a trampoline or playing BBall, or soccer, or paintball or on your motocross bike, or …. IT WILL END YOUR SEASON !!

2. Early bedtimes. You will need extra rest and extra sleep.

Do not stay up late watching TV and playing on the internet-

3. Eat right – no pop, no junk food, no greasy foods. Go light on the protein and high on the carbohydrates. Eat a substantial breakfast and a GOOD lunch. Your lunch is especially important to give you the proper fuel you need for practice. NO greasy school pizzas and chips and pop. A nice turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato with some carrots and a Gatorade is perfect. Same for dinner – stay away from steaks and meatloaf and greasy foods like that. High protein foods are hard to digest and slow to metabolize. You needs carbs and fruits and vegetables and lots of liquids. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS.

4. NO sharing water bottles – no sharing foods – and WASH your hands. This will keep you from getting sick.

5. Varsity – you have ONLY 4 races left in your season, JV you have only 3.

6. Injuries ? Sore knee? Tired? DON’T HIDE IT FROM COACH. Tell me your troubles, a day of rest may be all you need. A little bit of ibuprofen can HELP a small ache or soreness, too much is bad news.
This is the time where many coaches say that the season is “almost over.” It is not. It is actually just beginning. Now is when things will get exciting.

Now is when you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. Now is when you’ll see how running 500 miles to prepare for a 3.1 mile race works. REGIONALS IS ONLY 12 (yes, TWELVE) days away after Sunday. State Finals in 20 days.

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