Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well, JUNE is DONE.  How are you doing on your miles?  I hit 153 miles, over halfway to my goal of 300 miles and a NEW 300 MILE CLUB SWEATSHIRT!!  Remember, anyone hitting 300 miles from June 1 to August 12th gets a 300 MILE CLUB SWEATSHIRT.

July is here.  Remember, this first week of July is the MHSAA "family vacation" week.  No coaches are allowed to have open gyms, no practices, no contact with athletes of any kind.  If you want to run with friends at Aspen on Wed you are more than welcome to, but I won't be there and it is not one of our official dates you can count.  Speaking of dates, remember you need FIVE (5) Wed runs with the team (alpenfest run counts as one) to be eligible to go to TEAM CAMP.  Some people who signed up for XC have been at every single Wed run, and others have not yet been to one of them.  No worries either way as there are still SEVEN dates left.  Everyone is still in the running (no pun intended) to go to camp.  The Wed runs left are July 10, 17, 20 (Apenfest 5k), 24, 31, and August 7.  Plan on making 5 of them!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

running mileage clarification

Hey all - here is a clarification i've been thinking about for summer miles.

Last week I had a conversation with a basketball player about using open gyms as running "miles."  I have no problem doing this, BUT the only thing you can count is ACTUAL GAMES or SCRIMMAGES where you are running hard up and down that basketball court.  Standing around shooting free throws, listening to coach talk, going through plays, are not a good enough workout to call it "running."  So, if you are in a game situation, playing hard and running up and down that court HARD, I'd say 10-15 minutes of playing is about a mile.

Consider this - the basketball court is 84 feet long.  You'd have to run up and down the court 62, yes SIXTY TWO, times to make one mile of running.  And, that's if you go end to end, out of bounds line to out of bounds line.  Certainly there is some back and forth movement and it counts too, but I'd say conservatively that 10-15 minute of hard playing is good for one mile.

Soccer players, same thing.  Every 10-15 minutes or so of hard playing in a GAME situation can count as one mile of running.

I heard someone said "I was at open gym for 3 hours, that's at least 6 miles."  Not even close.  Make sure the ONLY thing you count is GAME situations where you're playing hard.  10-15 minutes = 1 mile running.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


wow, the summer seems to be going by quickly already!  so far we've had 3 aspen park runs and an average of 24-28 runners showing up to hit the trails.  REMEMBER, if you plan to go to team camp (the most fun we have all year) you must attend 5 of the aspen park runs (alpenfest run counts as one of the 5 if you do it too), meet your mileage goal (80 if you're new, 140 if you're returning to the team) and run a 5k under 27/30 minutes (boys girls).

Hopefully June got you started on your mileage goal (I'm at 120 miles myself right now!) and if you meet the challenge of 300 miles by august 12th you will get a 300 mile club SWEATSHIRT.  Once July rolls around you should be thinking about running hard 1-2 days/week to start tuning your body up to run faster.  Long slow distance is fine in June, but July means more speed/hills/tempo runs too.

happy training and cya Wed!!