Sunday, June 23, 2013


wow, the summer seems to be going by quickly already!  so far we've had 3 aspen park runs and an average of 24-28 runners showing up to hit the trails.  REMEMBER, if you plan to go to team camp (the most fun we have all year) you must attend 5 of the aspen park runs (alpenfest run counts as one of the 5 if you do it too), meet your mileage goal (80 if you're new, 140 if you're returning to the team) and run a 5k under 27/30 minutes (boys girls).

Hopefully June got you started on your mileage goal (I'm at 120 miles myself right now!) and if you meet the challenge of 300 miles by august 12th you will get a 300 mile club SWEATSHIRT.  Once July rolls around you should be thinking about running hard 1-2 days/week to start tuning your body up to run faster.  Long slow distance is fine in June, but July means more speed/hills/tempo runs too.

happy training and cya Wed!!


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