Sunday, August 18, 2013

workouts week 2-3-4

GHSXC WORKOUT WEEK 2,3,4 – Week After Team Camp

Monday Aug 19 – 2 mile warmup, cals, high knee drills, quick meeting while stretching. Then ½ mile easy to hill, 4-8 x hill hard, then easy cool down 1-4 miles depending on who you are.

Tuesday Aug 20 – 2 mile warmup, cals, stretch, 2-6 mile run easy, all trails.

Wednesday Aug 21– 6pm!!!!!!! (coach has a funeral to attend ) 2 mile warmup, cals, high knee drills, stretch, 3-6 miles depending on who you are, tempo run.

Thursday Aug 22 – 9am, 2 mile warmup, cals, stretch, easy 30 minutes.

Friday Aug 23 – 9am Aspen Park, warmup, cals, stretch, 1 x mile for time, break, 1x mile for time, easy 1-3 mile cool down.

Saturday – LONG distance run on your own, or off. Sunday OFF

Monday Aug 26th – 6pm Aspen Park – 2 miles easy, cals, stretch, then easy 30-60 min.

Tuesday Aug 27th – 3pm GHS, ROOM 120 – 2 mile warmup, cals, stretch, high knees, 16 minute tempo run, 2-3 miles easy.

Wednesday Aug 28th – 3pm GHS, ROOM 120 – Meet in coach’s room, 2 miles easy, cals, high knees, stretch, easy 2-4 miles. PARENT MEETING 6PM GHS COMMONS AREA, ALL PARENTS ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND.

Thursday Aug 29th – 3:00pm AT GHS ROOM 120 -- 2 mile warmup, cals, stretch, 1 x mile for time, break, 1x mile for time FASTER than your first one, 1-4 mile cooldown.

Friday Aug 30, Sat Aug 31, Sun Sept 1, Mon Sept 2 – you are on your own DO NOT TAKE FOUR DAYS OFF!!!!!!!! Freshmen, run one of the days, experienced runners you should run TWO of these days and take two off.

Tuesday Sept 3 – FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, practice at 3pm, meet in coach’s room, do not be late. Easy 2 mile warmup, cals/stretch, easy 30 minutes, with 4x100m stride outs on football field and 5 minutes barefoot running.



1. It will take us until about the first of October until you really will be anywhere close to your best. Be patient, keep working hard, and keep a positive attitude.

2. Remember to run in groups – its so much easier to work together. Many of you will try to push our easy day runs TOO HARD. These runs will be in groups based on ability – DO NOT go faster than the group and if someone begins to drop off the WHOLE group slows down.

3. Use your arms on the hills.

4. Many of you have different goals for this season. Some want 1st places and medals, some want to get in shape for another sport, some want to make varsity, some want to have fun. Remember, we are a diverse group – but one thing is true for everyone – WE ARE DOING THIS SO THAT YOU CAN BE THE BEST RUNNER YOU CAN BE THIS SEASON. I’LL ACCEPT NOTHING BUT YOUR BEST EFFORT AND YOUR BEST ATTITUDE.

5. FRESHMAN & new runners – take it easy, enjoy your running and stick with it. In a couple weeks you’ll be in shape and feeling much better. Keep a positive attitude, we’re glad we have you !!!!

6. REMEMBER – This is the part of the season where we BUILD YOUR BASE of endurance. If you feel like running longer, that’s great. Run more miles on Friday, Saturday. It will only help you in the end.

7. Our first meet is Sept 4th at Clare, its coming up fast. This part of the season is a bit boring. We just run run run run run run run. Remember, once the meets start its going to fly by. Stick with it, work hard, and enjoy.

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