Sunday, October 6, 2013

Workouts Oct 7-13

Monday - LONGER RUN, will be to an undisclosed location - dress warm, looking WINDY and cool.

Tuesday - MEET AT THE GAYLORD COUNTRY CLUB FOR the annual 3-3-3-3-3 practice. Please be out there ASAP!!! Parents should plan on picking you up at the Country Club about 445pm.  If you need a ride I have room for 4 people.  

Wed - easy short day, 30 minute run.

Thursday - 2 mile warmup,  13x400m FAST.  The first 3-4-5 should be race pace then each next one gets faster.  2 mile cooldown

Friday - coach has to be out of town.  Boys will meet Sterling and Josh and break into two groups.  You will run an easy 30-40 minutes.  Girls top 10 will meet Grace Porta and do a GROUP 30 minute run.  Girls JV will meet Erin B for an easy GROUP 30 minute run.

Saturday - ON YOUR OWN, EASY 30-60 minutes

Sunday - DAY OF REST

Monday - 2 mile warmup, cals/stretch 2 miles easy

Tuesday - Big North Conference Championship - Gaylord Country Club 4pm girls varsity, 430 boys varsity, 5pm ALL JV.

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