Tuesday, July 1, 2014


OK GHSXC PEOPLE!!!   If you didnt know its the official "dead week" for all sports in the state of Michigan.  Nobody can have any organized practices of any kind with a coach present.  I certainly can't stop you from running at Aspen Park tomorrow JULY 2ND, but I can't be there!!  So, i'm getting my 18 miler in on my own so i can stay ahead of Zak Zakery Goddard and Justin Desloover.  Have a good run on your own!

REMEMBER TO GET YOUR MILES IN SO YOU CAN ATTEND TEAM CAMP.  New runners need 80 total miles, experienced runners who have run on our team before must have 140 miles LOGGED ON PAPER!!  You also must attend at least FOUR of our summer Aspen Wed runs.