Saturday, August 16, 2014

GHSXC off to camp Monday Aug 18th!! BUT YOU'RE NOT GOING??

If you are NOT going to camp with us here is what we'll be doing.

Monday Aug 18th - 6 mile run.  If you are not going to camp I'd do exactly what we've done at Aspen so far.  Do a 1-2 mile warmup, stretch, cals. Then do an easy longer run.  Beginners can go from 20-30 minutes.  Experienced people looking to make varsity can go 30-6 minutes.

Tuesday - 10 mile or 6 mile.  At camp we'll be going longer this day.  Our run at camp includes a stop at Chapel Falls, a swim in Lake Superior, a stop at "Senior Rock" for pictures (Grand Portal) a quick swim at Mosquito River/Beach, then back to the beginning.  If you are not going to camp try to get a LONGER run in today.  At this point in the season i do not care about speed or intensity.  Just go longer and start building up your endurance.

Wed - Today is the day we go a bit harder at camp.  We have a 3.5 mile out and back run totalling 7 miles for the "varsity-ish" runners.  On first part of our run we'll start easy and gradually build up, running harder and faster.  When we reach the turn around point we'll stop at the river, take a break and then run back to the start "easy."  If you are not going to camp you can do basically the same thing on a route of your choosing.  You do not have to go 7 miles, but instead go as far as you feel you're fit enough to do.  2 miles hard, 2 miles easy back home would be a great start.  If you can go further, do it!

Thursday - we'll be on Mackinac Island.  Most people will simply do an easy 30-40 minute run then we go shopping and eat lunch.

Friday - When you're back in Gaylord it's time to stick with it on your own.  An easy 20-60 minutes should be on tap for you today.

Saturday - Good day to go longer again.  Beginners should shoot for 30-40 minutes.  Experienced varsity runners should run for 60+ minutes.

Sunday - Let your self recover and have a day off.

Monday - Aug 25th We meet at GHS at 3pm.
Tuesday - Meet at GHS, 3pm, we hand out uniforms and have a team pic
Wed - most likely Aspen Park 330pm.
Thurs - Aspen 330pm.
Friday - you're on your own for the weekend.

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