Sunday, November 2, 2014


Well, had us ranked at 22nd place, the official rankers had us at 14th, and we ended up 16th.  so, not bad, not great, just about where we should be probably!!

What a great season, so much improvement from so many people, state qualifying team, 3 girls all conference, 3 girls all regional, and 1 all stater.  Above all though is what you learned about yourself.  You learned how to work towards a goal, how to be mentally tough, how to race, how to improve.  You learned about fitness and eating well and about hanging out with smart, hard working people like yourself.  Running is a true test and way that EVERYONE can improve and meet goals.  It is inclusive rather than so many sports that have to make cuts and for that I am happy.

Enjoy some downtime, enjoy some time off and let your body rest.  Then, start preparing for next year, next season.  2015 GHSXC is going to exciting i have a feeling.


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