Friday, June 5, 2015


we had a SMALL turnout at last Wednesday's Aspen Park run -- date conflict with the track banquet, oops!!  But, I hope we're back on track with large numbers next Wednesday.

As we enter the summer season I'd like to talk about INTENSITY.  We have many INTENSE people on our XC team.  We have people who want to succeed.  We have people who desire first places, and all conference and all regional status.  Remember, though, INTENSITY should not transfer over to your summer running as "GO HARD ALL THE TIME."

There is a time and place for running hard during the summer and that is about once a week.  You should pick one day each week where you increase your "INTESITY" -- you can do this any number of ways.  Find a hill and run up and down it hard for 4-8 intervals.  Run hard for 18 minutes (this is called a tempo run and it should be between 15-20 min).  Do a "fartlek" workout - during your run pick up the pace and run hard for 30 seconds to 4 minutes randomly.  Go LONG - long runs ( 8+ miles) are hard on your body and count as a "hard" day.

Most of your other running should be "easy."  What is "easy?"  Easy is running that is comfortable, running that makes you feel like you are relaxed and not breathing hard.  Easy running is where you can comfortably have a conversation with someone you are running with.  Easy running builds capillary beds in your legs and muscles and strengthens your ligaments and tendons.  Easy running allows you to do speedwork and increase your intensity later in the season without getting injured.

Another note -  after each of your summer runs, especially on EASY DAYS.  Be sure to include 4-6 "stride-outs" -- this is where you do an 80-100m progression of nearly a sprint, moving fast.  This helps your body keep a good range of motion and keeps you in touch with your speed.

Last note - keep up your strength.  There are a number of CORE body strength items you should do over the summer.  Sit ups, pull ups, pushups, planks, high knee drills are all key items to building good endurance.  You should not lift weights to get "bigger."  You should lift weights to get stronger and improve endurance.  Lower weight levels with lots of repetitions are the best thing to do. Here is a link to some things you can do.  core --  and high knee drills -- 

see you NEXT WED  6pm!!

PS - If you have NOT added me on remind 101 here is how to do it.  send the message @mrkalembe to the number 81010 and you will get a text message from me about meets, workouts, results, etc.

PSS - this is a link to our XC page - it will contain ALL results from our season and has a calendar of our races.