Sunday, September 27, 2015

35 days until REGIONALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 7 workouts -- another big training week.

First let me summarize last week.  Tuesday - hot hilly meet at TCWest leaves you tired and drained.  Thursday - a fairly hard workout.  Saturday - another race after a long stressful week.  Get the idea??  We are running tired right now and training through these early races still.  This is the time of the season where you are probably the most tired you'll be all year.  The next two weeks will be tough but then we begin to cut back a little before some of our bigger meets.  PS -  WE STILL NEED ONE MORE PARENT DRIVER FOR PORTAGE!!  NO DRIVER AND NO GO - WE CANCEL PORTAGE, PLEASE ASK A PARENT!!!!

MONDAY - LONG RUN AT ASPEN.  Get a ride to Aspen Park immediately after school and we go long.  Bring a water bottle to rehydrate after first half of run.

Tuesday - easy and short.

Wed - 2 mile warm  6x800m HARD  2mile cool

Thurs - easy and short.

Friday - meet at GHS track at 230pm.  Do your 2 mile warmup, stretch.  Coach will be out to the track at 3pm and we will do our workout.  1 mile race PACE, 2x800m RACE PACE, 4x400m each one a bit faster than the last.  2 mile cool.

FRIDAY NIGHT WE WORK CONCESSION STAND -- PARENTS!! :)  Could use some "kid" help too!!!

Saturday - varsity - easy 40min - 1 hour 20 min.

Sunday OFF

Monday - easy and short

Tuesday - Big North Conference meet #2 at Ogemaw High School.  XC course is right at the high school property.  One girls race 4pm, one boys race 430pm.  Bus will probably depart GHS at 1pm.
Back to GHS about 730pm.

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