Thursday, September 3, 2015

Labor Day Weekend through the MUD RUN

Well, we've had a good start to our season, I can't believe it has already been over three weeks of running already.  We had a good start at both Benzie and Clare, but the best is yet to come.

Labor Day Weekend.

Friday Sept 4th - 9am at Aspen if you want to run with a group.  Nice and cool this early in the morning and a good time to go LONGER.  Anywhere from a 6-12 mile run is good.  Go long!

Saturday Sept 5th - take a day off and rest or easy 1 hour.

Sunday Sept 6th - day off !

Monday Sept 7th - Labor Day - Medium distance run, 45-75 minutes easy.

Tuesday Sept 8th - first day of school, we will go a bit longer, again 45-75 min.

Wed Sept 9th - CRUISE intervals, These will be AT race PACE.  1xmile, 4x800m at RACE PACE, no faster!!

Thursday - medium distance, easy 45 min

Friday - short and stride outs.

Saturday - MUD RUN - The race course is two miles north of Charlevoix on Marion Center Road at Charlevoix High School.  BUS WILL BE DEPARTING EARLY --  6:30am!!  Home to GHS at 2pm or 2:30pm.

There will be 5 races, divided by grade level, as well as an open race for coaches and spectators which means PARENTS.   No athletes who ran in the team races may run again in the open or for even part of the open race.   Team scoring will be done by combining the five best times for each team from the two races.  The schedule is as follows:

              9:00 am                     11th & 12th grade girls /10 medals
              9:30 am                     11th & 12th grade boys / 10 medals
            10:00 am                     9th & 10th grade girls /10 medals
            10:30 am                     9th & 10th grade boys /10 medals
            11:00 am                     Open race—men women/3 medals
            11:30 am                     Middle school race/10 medals each
            12:00 pm                     Awards Ceremony  

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