Sunday, September 13, 2015

WEEK SIX !!!!!!!!!

Can you believe this is WEEK 6 of the GHSXC SEASON?????!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have improved a lot, we have seen some fast times, but we are also nowhere close to where we will be in 6 more weeks.  We are just starting some speedwork now and have begun to learn what "pacing" feels like.  In the next week we will hit it hard.  Mon, Wed and Friday will all be 'hard' days and we do not race until next week when we have our first Big North Conference race in Traverse City on Tues Sept 22.

Here is the week workouts.

Monday - Sept 14 --  LONG RUN.  Down Hayes Road to Dumas Park, get drink, stretch.  Down to Aspen Park for a good longer trail run.  Back to Dumas, drink.  Back to GHS.  This will be one of our longest runs of the season and it is going to be WARM.  BRING A WATER BOTTLE to put in my van so you can get a drink at Aspen.  JV/younger runner/new people 6-7 miles.  Varsity 8-10 miles.

Tues - short and easy

Wed - 2 mile warmup, then HILLS x 8

Thurs - easy and short

Friday - 1x mile hard @ RACE PACE, 4x800m where the first is race pace, the second is 3 seconds faster, the next is faster and the last is fastest.



Monday - short with stride outs

Tuesday - First Big North Conference race @ TCWEST.

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