Sunday, October 25, 2015


Back in June you started training.  You ran literally hundreds of miles in the summer, then hundreds more during the season.  You missed time with friends.  You missed time with your family.  You missed school.  You stressed out about your position on the team.  You got nervous with aniticipation of your first race.  You endured hills, and wind and rain and hot sun.  You made new friends.  You did all this in anticipation of next Saturday, the regional meet.  The regional meet on our home course.  The screaming frenzy of fans and parents and friends who came to watch you run.  You did all this to be the best you can be on one day with the hopes that you would serve your team well.  You didn't really care about individual honors, but would take more satisfaction i hoisting a regional trophy or qualifying for the state finals as a TEAM, rather than just an individual.  You wanted your team to be the best they could be.  Now, that time has come.  It's THE WEEK.   It's THE DAY.  IT IS THE HOUR.  IT IS RACE TIME.

Monday - easy distance, not as long as we've gone on Mondays before, time to rest a bit.

Tues - super short.

Wed -  Some speed.  Not 100% sure what we'll do yet as I want to see how you're feeling on Monday and Tuesday.  Likely its a longer warmup (2 miles)  an 800m at race pace,  4x400m at race pace, and some 200m finishes.  2 mile cool.


Fri - team meeting, then easy short with stride outs.

Saturday - RACE DAY.  up at 8-9am, breakfast.  Light, good breakfast of carbs that's easily digested.  Small bit of protein, fruit, banana, granola, juice ( NO MILK PRODUCTS KATE).  Arrive at coach's house at 1130am.  Go to bathroom, get a snack, have a Gatorade or water.  Once everyone is there run over to course at NOON, get to tent (same spot as last week), check numbers, pins, etc.  Girls go through course at 12:40pm.  Boys at 1:10pm.    Then we are in BOX 13.  GIRLS RACE 130pm  BOYS RACE 2pm.  Awards immediately after.

Be sure all freshmen, newbies are on board with this plan, communicate with them so they know and remember because even though i go through this all at practice someone isnt' listening and confused!! :)  I won't mention names.  #8 runner you do all this too, pretend you are in the race and doing everything everyone else is.  I hope you are as excited as I am!!!

See the best regional times here, switch between boys/girls and click the "hypothetical" team scores button to see where we rank.

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