Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I can't believe i am typing "WELCOME TO GHSXC 2016" -- it seems like just yesterday we were doing GHSXC 2015.  I am excited to create more memories, more fun, more team bonding, more friendships, more everything this season.

June 1st -- This is the first day you can start counting up your miles.  Freshmen and "new" runners need to get 80 miles to qualify for team camp.  Returning runners must get 120.  I am going for 300 miles so i get a sweet, quality GHSXC sweatshirt at team camp.  Yes, even a 50 year old slightly chubby guy can do 300 miles................. can you?  LOG THESE MILES ON THE CALENDAR I GAVE YOU IN YOUR PACKET.

TRACK PEOPLE - if you are going to the state finals dont even think about logging big miles until AFTER the finals!  Listen to your track coaches and do as they say ;)  I know them well, they're good people.

New runners -- don't get overwhelmed.  There will be times this summer where you skip running for 3-4-5 days, maybe a week, maybe two weeks.  It's ok.  It happens.  Get back on track when you can and do as much as you can.  BUT, GET THOSE 80 MILES IN SO YOU CAN GO TO CAMP.

Experienced runners - a good many of you can have an AWESOME season as returning varsity runners.  Put in your miles, stay determined, stay focused, don't be swayed into the "there's a party this weekend" scene (it RUINS SEASONS QUICKLY).  We NEED YOU.

runs ........ as a TEAM at ASPEN PARK.......... remember WED 6pm ( i cannot make many of these ) and Saturday 10am -- I will be at ALL of these.  These runs will be low key times just to meet up and run.  Go fast, go slow, go short, go long, its whatever you like.

Here are few pics from last season that seems to summarize the fun we've had.  I am looking forward to GHSXC 2016!!!

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