Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 7 DELTA and first BNC Meet, plus MSU recap

MSU Invite a success.  We went to MSU with one goal - Our goal was to get a big meet experience.  It doesn't matter, at this point in our season, if we are fast, slow or medium, all that matters is that we build into the important races in October.  It was nice to watch the college races and see all the fanfare that over 5000+ runners attract.  Pretty cool to see all the team tents and the awards stage and Sparty.  Most of all we experienced the hype.  So, when regionals rolls around and we have 16 teams on the starting line it will not be intimidating in the least.  MSU helps you deal with pre-race jitters and pre-race preparation.

complete results here  RESULTS

Boys - Overall I dont think we ran all that well, but there were definitely some highlights.  Our time gap from 1st to 5th man is down to 55 seconds.  We need to keep working to get our pack closer and closer to Zak and Ethan - IF we can get that down to 30-35 seconds we will be tough and have a shot at STATE FINALS and top 3 at regionals.  Ethan had a great race and today finished as our #1 man for the first time in his short career, just edging Zak at the finish line.  It is good to have him bridge this gap up to Zak as it makes Zak work harder and running with a teammates helps both of them.  Zak also had a good race.  Nick Green was super solid as #3 man, running a season best time by over 30 seconds in the heat.  Justin Desloover also ran very well, over a minute faster than the MUD run and steadily improving.  I believe Justin can hit those mid- to low-17's by the end of the season on the right day.  Derek Gia was solid as 5th man and also had a season best time in the heat.  Andrew Quaal rounded out our varsity competitors with a season best time also.

Of special note was a steadily improving Jon Thorold in the JV race, finishing as our top JV runner and earning his way onto the varsity for our first big north conference meet on Tuesday.  He has been steadily improving after a 2 year break from XC competition.

According to the results on we finished 9th of 40+ teams on the boys side which is impressive, unfortunately that's in error.  We truly were in the 15th place range due to one of our girls mistakenly appearing in the boys results in 20th place!

Girls - On the girls side we finished 29th of 43 teams.  Again, just like the boys, we have to remember we didn't come here to win, or run out best times of the season, or medal.  We came here for the big meet experience, and we achieved this goal.  Carlie Martella was again our top runner, finishing 26th of 291 runners in a season best time of 20:21.  Carlie handled the big race very well improving almost 100 places from her sophomore season on this same course.  I think a lot of people think Carlie is just "blessed with good genetics" so she does well.  Yes, this is partially true, but 90% of Carlie's success is hard work and summer miles.  She has improved dramatically from her freshman/sophomore seasons and that is no accident.  Alli Kowatch, Adrienne Edwards and Autumn Zimmer have solidified themselves as a nice 2nd pack behind Carlie and all had good efforts today.  Amanda Keysor was solid as our 5th varsity girl - stepping into a huge invitational in our most important position and handling it with maturity and poise.  Laina Thomson and Angela Sharkey rounded out our varsity.  On the girls side we have many new runners filling big time varsity positions and they steadily keep improving which is a good sign.

Of special note in the girls races were the Massey twins who are back in action after some injury issues - both earned their way back into varsity positions for the BNC meet next Tuesday.  Also of note was Cameron Martella in her first GHSXC run finishing as 8th girl only 20 some seconds from our varsity.  Girls are still without varsity runner Bri Martin, slowly nursing a knee injury back to health.  When she returns we'll move up the results sheet substantially.

Week Workouts -

Monday - easy medium distance with stride outs.
Tuesday - BNC meet @ Alpena - Crittendon Soccer Fields, 751 Woodward Ave, Alpena.  Boys ALL at 4pm and Girls ALL at 430pm.  This is TOUGH competition.  We have TCCentral boys ranked #3 in division 1 and TCW boys ranked #8 and Cadillac boys ranked #9 in D2.  On the girls side, TCC girls ranked #3 in division 1, TCW ranked #9 and Cadillac girls ranked #5 in D2.   To have SIX ranked teams is the toughest I have ever seen the Big North Conference in 20 years.

Wed - easy distance day.

Thursday - hopefully on the GHS track!!  1x mile race pace, 2x800 race pace

Friday - easy and short with stride outs.

Saturday - DELTA INVITATIONAL @ Delta College - Google Maps the directions.  Full meet information and time schedul here DELTA INFORMATION  Boys varsity is the first race at 930am.  Most likely we depart GHS Saturday morning at 600am.

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