Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's over ... almost

Congrats to Zak Goddard on competing at his second MHSAA state finals.  He finished a very respectable 123rd place out of the 250 or so runners in a time of 17:23.  Actually, you could take this a step further... there are 150 teams in D2 cross country with an average of 15-20 runners per team.  This makes a grand total of around 2500 runners in division 2 and Zak finished 123rd.  123/2500 means Zak ranks in the top 5% of all runners in division 2 in the state.  Well done Zak!!

A few things this week.

1.  Remember to turn in your uniforms - put your shorts/jersey/tights/jacket in a bag, put your name on it, and turn it in asap!  thanks!!

2.  WEDNESDAY is the first annual GHSXC MILE.  Come out and run your best mile time ever!  3:15pm at the new GHS track!

3.  BANQUET ON THURSDAY.  6pm we eat dinner, subway, and then desserts from culinary arts!  Then slideshow in auditorium.

4.  Congrats to Alexis and Katelyn Smith, competing for Northern Michigan University this weekend at the NCAA Division 2 Regional XC meet in Evansville Indiana.  With the teams 4th place finish (currently ranked 10th in the nation) they qualify for the NCAA championships in two weeks in Florida!!

5.  Charlend Howard will compete in the D3 Regional XC meet next weekend on his home course in Wisconsin.  Good luck Charlend!

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