Monday, July 17, 2017

JULY 17th - wow

Well it is now July 17th, only 23 days until OFFICIAL GHSXC SEASON STARTS!!!!

This is the time of the summer to get yourself moving a bit faster - time to add a day or two per week where you run a tempo run (defined as 13-18 minutes of HARD, uncomfortable running), some hills (nothing special, just 6-7-8-9 times up a big hill), some fartlek (speedplay, where you just do some faster running in the middle of your run, for anywhere from :30 seconds to 3 minutes), or go longer.  Mix it up, don't get stuck in a rut of doing the same 3-4-5 mile route you always do.  Explore.

I am designing our camp T-shirt and ordering a swag bag of goodies for all team camp participants.  This Wednesday I am going to try to get a count so that I can make the shirt order.  Also need to know who thinks they'll make the 300 mile club so i can order those sweatshirts -- thinking about mixing it up a bit and doing LONG sleeve T-shirts for 300 mile club members this year - what you think?  that ok??

It was good to see those of you who ran in the 5k at the Alpenfest this last weekend - Nick, Andrew, Jacob B had some fast time and were all under 18:30!!  Well done men.  I know some others also had personal best times and that's always promising.

You should be running at least 20 miles per week during this part of the season if you're thinking you can make our varsity team - As soon as the season starts we'll be going at least 30-40 miles per week and summer preparation means less injuries in the season.

Happy running and see you Wed 6pm at Aspen!!

Remember OFFICIAL GHSXC SEASON BEGINS AUGUST 9th - 9am at Aspen Park.  We will have a PARENT MEETING that  EVENING 6pm at Gaylord High School where I will go over rules, regulations and team camp information.  Please have your parents plan on attending.  We will go over one new rule at this meeting - the SIX day rule.  If you have six unexcused absences from practices or meets during the season your XC season will be over.  In the past we've simply had too many runners who are not committed to our team and miss too much practice time.  95% of our runners never miss practice and that's how it should be!