Saturday, August 12, 2017


Monday Aug 14th - 9am, Aspen.  2 mile warmup.  Stretch, cals/high knee drills.  Long run - somewhere in the 40-70 minute range depending on who you are.

Tues - easy and shorter.

Wednesday - 2 mile warmup, stretch/cals/highknees.  HILL Day-.  3x first hill, 3xsecond hill, 3 x last hill, then cool down in the 1-3 mile range.  Freshmen/new runners will do less hill work.

Thursday - easy and shorter.

Friday - 2 mile warmup.  1 timed mile, followed by one more timed mile.  Your goal is to run the second faster than the first.  2 mile cool.

Saturday/Sunday - on your own.  I'd run easy for 30-60 minutes Saturday and take Sunday off.

Monday Aug 21 to Thursday Aug 24 Team Camp - Depart for team camp at 9am from GHS.  Be sure to have turned in your $100, your consent form from the team camp packet (I will also post that here on the website so you can print/sign) and also turned in your summer miles.

During these days - Monday through Thursday you WILL HAVE PRACTICE if you are not going to team camp.  Ever day you must meet and check in with Mr. Hervela at 10am at GHS.  Remember if you miss practice and have not talked to me about your reasons why it will most likely count as "unexcused" and you can only have 6 unexcused absences before you are asked to leave the team.

Friday Aug 25th, Sat 26th, Sunday 27th there will be no practice.

Monday Aug 28th We're at Aspen at 9am.  It will be 2 mile timed miles.
Tuesday Aug 29th and Wed Aug 30th 3pm at GHS
Thurs Aug 31 FIRST MEET - bus departs GHS at 10:30am, long day, we race at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm in Brighton, home 11pm if we're lucky.
Friday Sept 1 9am Aspen
Sat Sept 2, Sunday Sept 3, Monday Sept 4 labor day weekend no practice
Tues Sept 5th, first day of school, practice after school daily.

Meet information here in picture

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